Cut The Phone

Cut the Phone is a good way to rid yourself of frustration.

Tired of a certain fruity "phone" battery always been low, because chopping it up will help you feel worlds better!

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Compete with friends on how much hapiness you can bring to others!

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Just Because

Just Because takes the role of an endless platformer. There are ample amounts of obstacles within your path, and a wide variety on which to traverse them. Build your in game wealth and accumulate materials that will reallocate how you play.

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Minor Prophets

A game created for the class Minor Prophets. Play as an angel helping out 8 of the minor prophets give out their prophecy.

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UNWSP Shuttle

We do provide support for a shuttle application for UNWSP.

Note: This is not a UNWSP app. The purpose for this app and its content is currently for educational use.

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